Italian Courses in NYC and Tuition

Our Italian language classes are all in a small class size setting so that students can interact with the instructor or other students in the class more intimately. Our Italian classes are always energetic, fun and enjoyable. 
We also offer other Italian classes like Workshops, Fieldtrips, Italian Language Kits for Travelers, and Italian for Business. All to accommodate our students' needs and passions. 

Italian Courses and Tuition

Italian Language Classes in NYC

Italian Language Courses, Private Italian Classes, Italian for Adults, Italian Tutoring. Learn Italian quickly. Italian for all levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

Private Classes 1/2/3 students always available




8 Week Italian Courses

Learn Italian quickly 
$550 including materials and registration form

Private Italian classes about 5 students 


Group of about 5 students .


Pre-Designed Classes are available for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced speakers. Classes are conducted only in Italian. Small class size setting (about five students). Day, evening and Saturday Italian Classes are offered everyday. 8 week Italian courses are a combination of Italian Conversation and Italian Grammar

(see below: Italian Courses description). 

Usually Beginner Classes last one hour and half. 

Workshops for Intermediate and
Advanced italian speakers

(one time class)


Workshops are a single Italian Conversation Class, that provide students with an enjoyable group learning experience, about Italian Culture. Topics that are covered during these special Italian Conversation classes:

ARTE Discover the beauty of Classic and Contemporary Italian Art.

LETTERATURA A deep understanding of Italian writers and poets from Dante to the present. 

MODA Esthetics are engraved in native Italian's DNA: familiarize yourself with the inherent creativity of Italian design.

MUSICA From Italian opera and classical music to Italian rock, pop and rap.

CUCINA You really get to know Italians by knowing what they eat. Let’s travel inside Italy and discover its regional flavors and traditions.

CINEMA History of Italian Cinema from the “Neorealism movement” to today's films. Classic Italian movie Scenes are shown, followed by Italian film discussions.

PSICOLOGIA Why do Italians speak with their hands?Psychological aspects of Italian culture.

Coach for Traveling

Each lesson is 60 min. 


Plan a trip to Italy. Learn about the best things to do,  places to shop, eat, and stay. Take a trip off the beaten path and discover little towns you will never find listed in travel guides and more. According to your preference, classes can be conducted in Italian or English.

Flex Scheduling

Private - Semi-Private Italian Lessons

Individual Italian Class: 
60 minutes


Semi-Private Italian Class (two or

three students): 60 minutes 


Semi-Private Italian Class (two or three students):
90 minutes 


Private and Semi-Private Italian lessons are available for students of all levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Italian speakers. Italian private Classes are available every day.

Customized  Classes are also available: contact us to find out more.

Flex Scheduling

Via Skype Avail.


Field Trips: Italian classes in NYC

for each Italian class (120 minutes long)

Get around NYC to see Italian exhibitions and monuments. Each session is dedicated to a particular place. Practice italian in an interesting and practicalway. Learn Italian fast in real situations.

For Intermediate and Advanced Italian Speakers.

Italian Book and Film Club for Intermediate and Advanced levels

$550 including materials fee 

Private Italian classes about 5 students 


Group of about 5 students. 

Total 16 hours of instruction.


For intermediate and advanced Italian Speakers.

Italian book discussions.  


Reading and discussing popular Italian writers of the 1900s and Modern Literature.  PLUS in the same group class

Learn Italian through Movies! 

Screenings of classic and more contemporary Italian movies. Films in original language with Italian subtitles are followed by discussion on topic, characters, director.

This Italian class is plenty of Italian Coversation.

Italian for Children, Preteens

Classes one hour once a week
(private group lessons)


By knowing many languages we have the opportunity to integrate with others: what could be better than this!
Start at in early age to learn a foreign language. 

This Italian Class for school aged kids is plenty of Italian conversation.


Italian Language Kits for Travelers

Italian for Travelers

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4 or 8 Week Course. Best Italian classes to learn basic expressions for your next trip to Italy.

Flex Scheduling


Italian Classes for your Business

Communicate in italian for business
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We offer classes that focus on how Italian is spoken in a business setting. Arrangements can be made to conduct classes at your workplace. Please contact us to discuss your needs. Group Italian lessons are also available.



Flex Scheduling

Tutoring Italian lessons

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One student, one teacher, five individual one hour classes. For Middle School, High School, College students and also for CELI & CILS certification preparation. 
Italian Lessons are available Monday through Saturday.

Flex Scheduling

Italian Classes in NYC on the Go
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Total of 5 individual lessons. (Each lesson is 60 minutes). Whether you would like your class at home or at work, we will come to you and provide you with the same quality classes wherever you want.

Easy to learn Italian with our native experienced teachers.

Flex Scheduling

Italian Classes on Skype or Face Time

Easy to learn and practice Italian
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Available anytime between 6AM and 10PM. If you do not have time to attend an Italian class before 8:00PM, we can arrange a lesson for you via Skype from 9:00PM to 10:00PM, or from 10:00PM to 11:00PM.


Flex Scheduling

Via Skype

Flex Scheduling

Via Skype

Via Skype Avail.

Time of lessons will be mutually agreed on by both the student and instructor. 

Italian Lessons are only available via Skype.

Italian Lessons via Skype are optional. 



8 week Italian Courses description


Basic Elementary: Italian for Beginners

This introductory Italian course is perfect for beginners, or for those who want to refresh essential foundations of Italian. Basic Italian grammatical rules are covered, as well as present tense, past tense and future tense.



Advanced Elementary

This Italian course continues at a foundations level with the basic Italian rules of grammar, focusing on pronouns, "imperfetto", “trapassato prossimo", and reflexive verbs.



Basic Intermediate: Italian for Intermediate speakers

This Italian course takes on the more advanced rules of Italian grammar, including the conditional, imperative, relative pronouns and the subjunctive.



Advanced Intermediate: Italian for Advanced speakers

In this Italian course, we reach the most advanced levels of Italian grammar needed for conversation, including: "periodo ipotetico", the comparative and superlative, "passato e trapassato remoto", "la forma passiva", "discorso diretto–indiretto", i modi indefiniti: "infinito", "participio" and "gerundio".



Advanced Italian Conversation: Conversing in Italian

This advanced Italian course takes most grammatical Italian rules for granted and focuses almost entirely on conversation in Italian. Topics of Italian culture, current events and other subjects of interest are discussed in Italian.


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