FAQs (Classes for Adults)

Q. How many students are in your Italian class in NYC?
A. Two to about Five students. Shortly after you register, we will contact you to let you know about the number of students in your group, their levels, gender, age etc... We always do our best to find the best fit for each student. 
Q. What is the duration of Italian classes?
A. Our courses last 8 weeks.
The duration of a single class varies depending on the number of students in a group:
- 90 minutes for three students (Advanced Speakers)
-120 minutes for about five students (Advanced Speakers)

- 90 minutes for four to five students Beginners


Q. Do you offer any makeup?

A. Subject availability. When you notify us of your absence ahead of time, one missed class can be made up within your selected course period. Please be sure to notify us or we will not be able to organize a makeup session. Please keep in mind that a make up session would be available if we offer a class your level at the same time period.  The time and day depend on the availability of the classes.



Q. Do you use textbooks?
A. No. We do not use textbooks instead we distribute our own copyrighted materials, which were created for specific levels and purposes, to take-home.



Q. Do you use Skype?
A. Yes, we do. Skype or other types of Video Chat services (e.g., Google Hangout) are used to accommodate your busy schedules. It is very helpful for makeup classes, and is sometimes used for tutoring.


Q. Can a group of friends take class together?
A.  Yes, absolutely. Learning with your friends can be fun and efficient. For example, a group of friends who are planning to travel to Italy would be perfect candidates for our Semi-Private lessons, Coach for Traveling, or Language Kit for travelers programs. 



Q. Do you have a certification program?
A. No, we don't. But we can help you prepare for the CILS Exam (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera) or CELI (Certificate of Knowledge of Italian Language) exams. 



Q. Do you have parking?
A. There are public garages near by. Icon Parking at 155 West 70th Street, 200 West End, Highrise Parking at 71st street between Broadway and West End Avenue.